Shopping with Jamie Lynn Sigler

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Jamie Lynn Sigler at Saks

Yesterday I headed to Saks to interview Jamie Lynn Sigler. You might remember her as Meadow from the Sopranos. After six seasons on the show, she’s all grown up and moved on to new ventures. She’s appearing as herself on at least three episodes of Entourage. (And rumored to be dating the guy who plays Turtle in real life, though she didn’t confirm that on camera.) She just finished filming a movie this summer and will soon be introducing a new jewelry line called “C.J. Free” after her friend Holly Freeman’s son. The jewelry will be available this winter and can be customized with different charms. I couldn’t find a photo online, but she was wearing one of the bracelets during the interview and it was quite cute. When I post my Better TV report in a week or so, you’ll get to see it.

Jamie has recently partnered with Mastercard to promote their shopping savings program – good timing with the failing economy, everyone wants to save money! The program offers discounts at over 25,000 retailers nationwide for cardholders. You can find out more about the program here.

One of the participating retailers was Saks, where we conducted the interview. After we talked to Jamie, we took her upstairs to their shoe department (so big it has its own zipcode) to film her shopping. Not that she needed shoes – she was wearing an amazing pair of peep toe Louboutin booties. (Awesome, if not a bit tough to walk in…) I’m sure they cost as much as my monthly salary, but I hey – I can dream!

I zoomed in on the photo I had so you can get a better look.

Close up on the Jamie Lynn Sigler's Louboutins

She seemed nice, but pretty quiet. No small talk really while we waited for the elevator. She might have been tired though – this was her last interview of a whole day of interviews! And she was good on camera, which is all that really matters in the end. While it’s more fun to hang with someone who’s chatty (like Bill Murray for example!) in the end, I’d rather have someone who’s bright and interesting when it counts!

Funny – my photographer was excited (for the first time EVER, I think) to go on this interview. He’s not really into the Hollywood scene and doesn’t know or care about most celebrities. When I got the pitch for Jamie he was like “OMG we HAVE to do this!” So now he owes me big time. 🙂 He was cool as a cucumber in front of her though. Didn’t even shake when he hooked up her mic. Restrained his inner fan boy like a pro.

Jamie Lynn Sigler at Saks

Here’s the finished Better TV segment, based on the interview.

Who would you guys like to interview more than anyone? I think for me, #1 would be David Bowie. Though I’m not sure if I got the chance I’d even be able to stand, never mind speak.



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