Anna Devane!!

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me and Finola Hughes, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

I don’t know about any of you, but I was a HUGE fan of General Hospital in high school. One of my fondest memories was being over my friend Kristin’s house when Duke returned to the show and finally revealed to Anna that he was her husband! (He’d had major plastic surgery, of course!) I remember just bawling my eyes out at the poignant scene.

So it was pretty cool today to meet Anna — aka Finola Hughes — in person at the Better TV studios where I work. She was really nice and approachable. Really tiny in real life, too, as stars always seem to be. She’s very into green living and was saying her house in California is almost self-sufficient and soon won’t need external power to run. Pretty cool!

Anyway, just brings back memories of General Hospital and all my favorite characters so I thought I’d share!



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One Day at a Time.

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Me ane Valerie Bertinelli, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

Attended a Ladies’ Home Journal luncheon with guest actress Valerie Bertinelli this afternoon at Beacon. (Great restaurant btw! Had yummy filet mignon to die for.!) I was there to interview her for a story we’re doing for Better TV about her new book and Jenny Craig weight loss. I’ve been to a lot of these luncheons but I have to say this was the most entertaining yet. She was so cool. Very down to Earth and said exactly what was on her mind, even if it wasn’t always PC. The Village Voice reporter probably got a lot of material for his article!

My favorite moment though was when she announced that (former husband) Eddie Van Halen sucks at Guitar Hero. Go figure! 🙂

Here’s the final clip, as aired on Better TV.


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"Miranda" and Me

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Me and Cynthia Nixon

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the new Sex and the City movie to come out! I got a chance to meet Cynthia Nixon at a More Magazine photo shoot a month or two ago. (She’s their March cover girl.) She was really nice and very classy. Seemed a bit tired after posing all day though. Not that I blame her – the woman leads a really busy life! Also, I liked that she is a native New Yorker and was talking about how, if she had the time/choice, she’d rather walk 20 blocks than take a cab or subway. I’m the same. I love walking around the city. And it’s good exercise, too!

Here’s the final clip, as aired on Better TV.


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